Position description: Hello my name is Veronica.I am looking for a sitter to come to my home on Thursday through Saturday nights from 530 to 930. I have 2 foster boys, 1 is 7 and the other is 8. My daughter will be in and out during the time the sitter is at the house and can be used as a kind of back-up. Services And Training: My home needs night time supervising, interactive play and crafts, ...
We just need a sitter for a few hours today, it would be in our hotel! Our daughter is nine months! Thanks!
This is a position listing for a SOCIAL WORKER - CASE MANAGER position at Tyndall Air Force Base. All Luke & Associates positions have the sole purpose of providing quality medical attention to veterans, the military, and their families. Our commitment is to our employees, our clients and of course the patients and their safety. SOCIAL WORKER CASE MANAGER SITE OF SERVICE: Medical Treatment Faci...
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